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Together at the Top

Our Foundational Principles

Leave people better than how we found them 
Friendliness, generosity, and encouragement.  You mat


Students First!  
We are a company with an unwavering commitment to impacting students' lives.  
A belief where ever
yone’s unique abilities, backgrounds, and interests are valued.


It’s not business as usual 
Be Bold. Take notable, effective action to ensure that we have direct and long lasting change. 


Complete - Not Compete
Breaking down silos and building up people and communities.  
Making yourself heard, and making sure you hear others. We place importance on forming and maintaining relationships with stakeholders through conversation and involvement.
Stand with the communities we work with to affect long-term change. 


Think outside the box
It’s simply going about a situation in a new, inventive way.
We embrace new ideas and change. 

Compass Pointing North

Our Core Values

Be Curious
Re-imagine, research and experiment.    
Be Humble
Never take yourself too seriously.  Laugh a lot!
Be The Change
We don't follow change in our industry, we lead it.
Have Fun
We want to change the world and have a good time doing it,     
Don’t Settle
We don't rest on our past accomplishments. Deliver value often.
Creative Tension
Strategy and decisions are openly communicated and debated. Once a decision is made, everyone needs to commit.    
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Never be ashamed of trying and failing.  Learn from it - it’s the best learning experience.  
Keep it Simple
Eliminate needless complexity.        
Talent Wins
Employees aren't interchangeable - Create a world-class team.
Think Big
We dream and have a big mission and vision for our future.    

Compass Pointing North
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