Career Jam Connect 

Bridging the School-to-Work Divide

A centralized online hub aligning educators and employers to collaborate, learn, and create ed-to-workforce pathways.

As the sustained hub of the Career Jam ecosystem, Career Jam Connect (CJC) streamlines membership engagement, facilitating dedicated groups around common interests, supporting event notification, and sharing career readiness resources in real-time.

CJC streamlines ed-to-workforce pathways:

  • Develop and implement programs and activities that enhance student instruction and teacher professional development, such as mentoring and externships,
  • Allows educator and employer engagement to enrich activities that fit specific needs.
  • Coordinates career development services for all students of all abilities and their career choices, and establishes and maintains business/education partnerships.
  • Develop work practices and systems that enable sustainable engagement between a school, the and employers,
  • Integrate career research projects, communication skills, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and presentation skills into the existing core academic and workplace learning curricula.
  • Coordinate curriculum integration of workplace learning and core-academic content areas.

CJC coordination of key areas of interest can produce deliverables, including resources like:

Industry Advisory Councils • Internships • Industry Mentors • Girl’s Mentor Program •
Women in STEM • Student Sponsorship/Scholarships • Community Involvement •
Curriculum Development • Project-Based Learning • Stackable Skills Development •
Training/Certification Programs • Soft Skill Training • Guest Speakers • Workplace Tours •
Job Shadowing • Career Counseling • Apprenticeships • F/T & P/T Jobs •
Externships for Educators • Market-Driven Industry Content