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Career Jam Virtual Experience

Students have career exploration at their fingertips, 24/7! The Virtual Experience is offered over an extended period (ranges from 30 days - 12 mos). 

This allows students a "deeper dive" into local careers and industries,

  1. student awareness of the world of work,

  2. exploration of skills in-demand for career options,

  3. relation to their interests help inform future ed-to-career decisions. 



The Grand Lobby

The Grand Lobby welcomes all Career Jam explorers.  Students, Educators, Employers and Workforce/Economic Development Leaders enter.

Sponsors' banners are prominently displayed and "clickable" directly to their virtual booths.  


The Auditorium

The Auditorium features unique video content provided by sponsors.  This highly visible room in the virtual experience allows students and educators to view additional skills demonstrations.

Info Booth

Do you have any questions?  Stop by the Info Booth for all your answer and career readiness resources provided by Junior Achievement.

Virtual Booth

An example of a virtual booth that allows students and educators to click on the images for exciting video content.  


Virtual Booth

Local companies are well represented at Career Jam and provide fun video content!



Increase student engagement with a Scavenger Hunt and Leaderboard Challenge!  Students can access these games 24/7 to drive up their points.  The top points earners win prizes from local companies!

“Thank you for taking time to build this great resource!


We learned that there are many career clusters and jobs that we didn't even know about before visiting this site. I loved exploring the videos and websites that each booth provided.


I also loved how Career Jam had competitions and scavenger hunts to make the exploring even more fun.“


~Kendyl  8th Grade

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