Career Jam Explore

For 8th and 9th Graders

Virtual or In-Person

A catalyst to prime your education-to-workforce pipeline. Our unique approach aims to promote a community’s or region’s diverse career paths by raising awareness among 8th and 9th grade students, their families and educators. Highlighting these options earlier can help influence student education choices and retain their talents to fill local jobs that can empower future economic growth. Local businesses from defined career clusters provide hands-on activities during live events and engaging video content hosted in a virtual convention setting highlighting the diverse skills in-demand.

Career Jam Launch

For 10th – 12th grade, College Students and job seekers

Virtual or In-Person

Career Jam’s workforce ecosystem extends beyond career exploration and aligns job seekers in 10th – 12th grades, community colleges, four-year institutions and job centers with local employers. This connectivity highlights immediate opportunities available such as internships, project-based learning, full-time careers, part-time and seasonal jobs.