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A unique and immersive experience that inspires students, equips educators, supports employers, and empowers communities.

That’s Career Jam™ - the most powerful workforce solution that puts students first.

Founded in 2017 to educate students about the diverse career pathways in their local community.
Since our founding, we have reached over 16,000 students in the Capital Region of NY.
Each student gets survey results matching their skills & aptitudes to recommended career clusters to explore.
During each event, there is employer representation from each of the 16 career clusters.

Career Jam Explore

Check out Career Jam™ Explore from Fall 2023 in the Capital Region of NYS.


This past year, over 6,000 eighth & ninth graders explored local careers pathways through hands-on skills demos!

By highlighting local careers, we're influencing students' course of study and shaping the region's talent pipeline.

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School Districts

Career Standards Amplified!

Dynamic and unforgettable career exploration & enrichment programs to inspire your students' imaginations about what careers are possible in your region.



Shape & Build your future workforce!

 Career Jam provides unique opportunities for students, educators and families to learn about diverse career pathways in your community.


Economic & Workforce Development Organizations

Build a sustainable workforce pipeline!

Promote Career Jam as part of your business  retention and expansion (BRE) strategies. Provide a fresh approach to immediate job and training needs.

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"We learned about new jobs and careers in the community we've never heard of before. We also learned about what it is like in the workplace, more specific than a job description. Thank you again for making such a good experience for us to learn!"

Alexis, 8th Grade

Hear from Community Leaders...

“WDI has a mission of “Growing and Keeping Good Jobs in New York.”  In order to do that we must be working to engage, educate and inspire the next generation.  Being a part of Career Jam allows us to do just that.  Workforce development is tied to economic development and Career Jam helps to improve our region's stability and prosperity.”

Statewide Pre-Apprentice Program, Workforce Development Institute (WDI)

Crickett Thomas-O'Dell

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