Career Jam is the

Premier Workforce Solution

Career Jam is a one-day inspirational event that aligns local employers from diverse industry sectors with area students through hands-on learning activities. The engagement inspires youth, while exposing educators and families to the skills in demand for promising careers in their region.

Career Jam

  • uniquely aligns educators and employers
  • delivers experiential learning activities that inspire students’ career exploration and course selection
  • provides ongoing communication across educator and employer sectors


By strategically directing Career Jam toward 8th and 9th graders, market-based insights inform their educational pathway toward a promising future.

For Communities…

Career Jam’s alignment of educators and employers provides a dynamic workforce solution. It fosters powerful collaboration to boost economic developers, trade unions and employers pipeline of workforce talents to power economic growth.

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Capital Region
Career Jam

Coming Spring 2021
Location TBA

Career Jam

October 20th, 2020
Saratoga Springs City Center

Career Jam

Fall 2020
Location TBA