Career Jam is the

Premier Workforce Solution

It delivers a unique approach that aims to promote area job opportunities, varied career paths and to raise awareness among 8th and 9th grade students, their families and educations of the direct skills and jobs needed in the region. Highlighting these job options earlier can help influence student education and training choices and retain their talents to fill local jobs that can drive future growth.

Career Jam is a one-day aspirational event that aligns local employers from diverse industry sectors with area students through hands-on learning activities. The engagement inspires youth, while exposing educators and families to the skills in demand for promising careers in their region.

For students and educators, by strategically directing Career Jam toward 8th and 9th graders, market-based insights inform their educational pathway toward a promising future.

For communities, Career Jam’s alignment of educators and employers provides a dynamic workforce solution. It fosters powerful collaboration to boost economic developers, trade unions and employers pipeline of workforce talents to power economic growth.

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Students, Teachers, Faculty
and Volunteers…

from around the region participate in this innovative approach to capture the interest and expand youths’ awareness of the plethora of opportunities for employment across industry sectors that exist in our area. No two companies are the same; nor are two students. This event is geared to “tap the minds” of our future workforce and reinforce that every skill level and/or career choice can be employed here.

Why do businesses participate?
Career Jam Will:

  • Align your brand with local workforce solutions
  • Provide a platform to engage the students from around the region to fill your workforce pipeline
  • Deliver new connections and collaborations with school districts
  • Invest in your business while simultaneously investing in the future workforce

Capital Region
Career Jam

June 4th, 2020
SEFCU Arena at UAlbany

Career Jam

October 20th, 2020
Saratoga Springs City Center

Career Jam

Fall 2020
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