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~Maddie, 8th Grade


Exploration & Enrichment Programs

Image by Adam Winger

Career Jam Imagine
[K - 7th Grade]

Sparking children’s imaginations early is a critical component to discovering interests and aptitudes in a robust workforce ecosystem.  Resources, tools and hands-on activities promoting problem-solving are available for every level of STEAM discovery.


Career Jam Explore
[8th - 9th Grade]


A catalyst to prime your education-to-workforce pipeline.  Our unique approach aims to promote a community’s or region’s diverse career paths by raising awareness among 8th and 9th grade students, their families and educators.  Highlighting these options earlier can help influence student education choices and retain their talents to fill local jobs that can empower future economic growth.  Local businesses from defined career clusters provide hands-on activities during live events and engaging video content hosted in a virtual convention setting highlighting the diverse skills in-demand.

Image by Evangeline Shaw

Career Jam Launch
[10 - 12th Grade -
Colleges - Job Seekers]

Career Jam’s workforce ecosystem extends beyond career exploration and aligns job seekers in 10th - 12th grades, community colleges, four-year institutions and job centers with local employers.


Career Jam Launch provides a focused journey to obtain future goals.  This connectivity highlights immediate opportunities available such as internships, project-based learning, full-time careers, part-time and seasonal jobs. 

Career Jam delivers ENHANCED EXPLORATION to reach all students from all backgrounds and abilities.

  • This 24/7, virtual experience wrap-around feature provides a visually rich environment that mimics the dynamics of an in-person trade show, including a virtual lobby, auditorium for video presentations, and exhibit halls with employer booths’ video content. 


  • Students can easily grab content for their virtual backpack for sharing. 


  • The access enables a “deeper dive” for classroom career exploration activities, for counselors to research local career sectors, and importantly, a resource to share into the  household where awareness is needed that can aid future course pathway selection.

  • The content is available via any smart device for convenient repeat access and information sharing. All student participation is PII protected & compliant. Participation includes exciting prizes from area employers.

Image by Randy Tarampi

"Thank you for creating a way to teach the next generation about the workforce. We learned so much about all of the job opportunities that we will have in our area.”


~Elizabeth, 8th Grade

"Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to search for a job that I like. I learned that I should look at other booths and give them a chance. I always saw myself in the healthcare field. Now I'm looking at other options. I learned that you 

have to dig a little bit deeper to find important information."

~Hugh, 9th Grade

"I learned that there are a lot of jobs that us outsiders don't know about, and that there are more positions than people think that work behind the scenes. I also learned about what certain positions do. For lots of the companies, they had videos that let us students get more of an understanding on what different positions do, a normal day of work, 

and how they help out the company."

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