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Empower students to imagine their future.

To deliver a unique and life-changing experience that inspires students, equips educators, supports employers, and empowers communities.

Our Foundational Principles

CJ Principle 1 - Students First.jpg

Students First!

We are a company with an unwavering commitment to impact students’ lives. Everyone’s unique abilities, backgrounds, and interests are valued.

CJ Principle 2 - Leave People Better.jpg

Leave people better than how you found them.

Friendliness, generosity, and encouragement. Each interaction matters. 

CJ Principle 3 - Be Bold.jpg

It’s not business as usual.

Be bold. Take notable, effective action to ensure that the communities we work with have direct and long lasting change.

CJ Principle 4 - Complete.jpg

Complete, not compete.

Listen first and then make your voice heard. Break down silos and build up people and communities.

CJ Principle 5 - Think Outside the Box.jpg

Think outside the box.

Go about each situation in a new, inventive way. Embrace new ideas and change.

CJ Value - Be Humble.jpg


Be Humble

Consider others, learn from your mistakes, and laugh a lot! 

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